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About Us

2016 yılında hayata geçen Viking Kağıt Kojenerasyon Tesisi Projesi, DESA Enerji’nin Viking Kağıt Fabrikası içerisine kurduğu kojenerasyon tesisi ile fabrikanın 5,2MW elektrik ve kağıt makinalarının da uhar ihtiyacını karşılayacaktır. 2017 yılında tesisin inşaatı tamamlanmış olup şu an lisanssız elektrik üretim izin ve üretim deneme süreci devam etmektedir. 
Tesis, 5,2 MW gaz türbini ve atık ısı geri kazanım sisteminden oluşmaktadır. Viking Kağıt Fabrikasına tesisin katkısı; 5,2MW elektrik ve ısı enerjisidir (10,5ton/h, 16bar buhar + 100m3/h, 90-70°C sıcak su + kağıt makinasında direkt kullanılan sıcak egzost gazı 200°C, 20m3/h).

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About Us

The Viking Paper Cogeneration Facility Project, which is a dream in 2016, will meet the need for the 5,2MW electricity and paper machines of the plant with the cogeneration facility built by DESA Energy within the Viking Paper Factory. The construction of the plant was completed in 2017, and the unlicensed electricity production permission and production trial process is ongoing.
The plant consists of a 5.2 MW gas turbine and a waste heat recovery system. Contribution of the plant to the Viking Paper Plant; 5,2 MW electricity and heat energy (10,5 ton / h, 16 bar steam + 100m3 / h, 90-70 ° C hot water + hot exhaust gas directly used in paper machine 200 ° C, 20m3 / h).

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First our Consumers and Our Customers
With all of our units, we quickly and accurately perceive the needs of our customers and our internal and external customers, and are in an agile, proactive and innovative approach to meeting their changing expectations for a better life.

Operational Perfectionism
Operational excellence creates the foundation of our understanding, the effective use of technology in all areas, lean business processes, defined business execution systems, database-based and rapid decision-making systems. Agility is our core competence.

Our Human Resources
In the light of our science, unity, success; we believe that it is one of our most important values ​​of our human resource which is educated, experienced, having a sense of belonging and ownership, open to all developments based on knowledge, value for information sharing and unity spirit, participatory management understanding and success oriented work.

Our Ethical Position
We respect social, political and cultural values ​​in every geographical area we operate and act lawfully and in accordance with the rules of business ethics and transparent. We attach great importance to honesty, open communication and justice.

Environmental and Social Responsibility
We make production with an approach that values ​​the environment and nature, and we contribute to create a better future today. With the awareness of social responsibility we continue our tradition of supporting contemporary education, spore, culture and arts in order to improve the quality of social life.